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The Importance of Call To Action in a Copy!

May 12, 2022 Marketing
The Importance of Call To Action in a Copy!

If you’re into copywriting, you know what this field of work demands from you. As a copywriter, you will be crafting words for the purpose of marketing as well as advertising. With your copy, you should be aiming to increase the value of the brand by spreading awareness and persuading each person who reads your copy to take a particular action!

That’s right “Action!”

How your reader or viewer can take action if you haven’t provided them guidance on what action to take?! 

Even though you have a killer copy, if you couldn’t provide your audience with what to do next, then that’s the end of your relationship with them. So, including the Call To Action in your copy is of utmost importance, without it, you’ll be wasting all your effort just like that.

So let’s tell your target audience what exactly they should do! 

Here are some things you should keep in mind while placing your Call To Action(CTA):

  1. Be direct and use simple language

Your CTA should be short, and simple which can create a strong impression on your target audience. Remember CTA is where you push your client to your desired goal rather than requesting or suggesting. 

For example:

“Sign up”

“Get started now”

  1. Make it exciting

Grab people’s interest by offering something that solves their problems or desire. If you can find the smallest set of words, it would be better! 

It may be like these:

“Join now and get more leads”

“End your financial worries forever”

  1. Use power words

Power words are the ones that are proven to inspire or persuade people to act immediately. So use them in your call to action so that your target audience can’t resist taking action. 

See these examples:







  1. Create urgency

People will think and will get confused with time, so if you want to improve conversion rates, you have to limit their time by creating urgency. like, if they don’t act right away they will miss a great opportunity. 

So use phrases like:

“Don’t miss out”

“Sign up before midnight”

Or something like “Hurry, only 2 left in stock!”

  1. Take out the risk factor

You need to assure your customer that there won’t be any risk in taking the action. Most people buy from e-commerce websites because they have a return and refund policy. So people know they can purchase from them without any second thoughts. So make your Call To Action as simple and risk-free as possible.

Some of the words you can use are: 

“Register now, no credit card  needed.”

“Full money-back guarantee”

“Cancel at any time”

So remember, with great copy comes great Call To Action, and with great Call To Action comes greater conversions!!

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